Wednesday, September 23, 2015

GDG DevFestPH Update

GDG DevFest Philippines 2015 will be moved to October 16-17, 2015.

Please add us in your Google+ circles for updates. You may also check the other details in this site.

Friday, September 18, 2015

GDG DevFestPH 2015 Code Labs

Only a few days to go before GDG DevFest Philippines 2015! The tentative agenda is posted at On both days, there will be a keynote followed by parallel workshops on Android M, Firebase, Material Design, Polymer, Cardboard, and more!

The workshops will be first come first served for each session and there will be a maximum number of participants per room. You are free to choose which track you want or the specific sessions you want to join. For example, you can join Code Lab Track 3 for the whole day. You can also choose session 1 of Code Lab Track1, session 2 of Code Lab Track 2, and session 3 of Code Lab Track 4.

You will need to bring your own computers for the workshops. There are also some things you need to download and setup on your machines before the workshop. It will be better if you can also bring your own extension cords and pocket wifi/dongles.

  • All workshops:We will be using Git and Github for our workshops. Please create a Github account and download Git on your computers. To learn more about Git, you can take the How to Use Git and GitHub Udacity course.
  • Android workshops:
    • Android Studio 1.2+. You can find instructions here.
    • Download Android 6.0 Platform and System images and the latest versions of Android SDK Tools, Android SDK Platform-tools, Android SDK Build-tools, Android Support Repository, Android Support Library, Google Repository, Google Play services from the SDK Manager.
    • It is also recommended to bring your Android device. You need to enable USB debugging and set up your machine to detect your Android device. Check this page if you need help. You can install a third-party Android emulator too, like Genymotion (follow this link for instructions in installing Genymotion)
  • Cardboard Workshops: download Unity 3D
  • Web Workshops:
  • Polymer workshops:

For any question about installation and setup of the needed software, feel free to contact us before the event. We might not be able to help you during the event for installation and setup.

Add GDG Philippines in your Google+ circles and check for more details about the event.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

GDG DevFest Philippines 2015

Update: GDG DevFest Philippines 2015 has been moved to October 16-17.

GDG DevFest Philippines 2015 will be on September 28-29, 2015 (Venue TBA). Day 1 will be Android and VR and Day 2 will be on Web. GDG DevFest is a community-organized event that provides the opportunity for developers to learn about Google technologies and other developer products. There will be hands-on sessions especially on new technologies like Android M, Firebase, Material Design, Polymer, and more.

This event is free but slots are limited. If you want to attend, please go to Add our Google+ Page in your circles and check the events website at for details.